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Auto accident | Wrongful Death | trucking accident |Slip-and-Fall

The Law Office of Bryan A. Brooks, LLC helps persons injured by negligence, and the family members and survivors of those killed by negligent acts.  This includes pedestrians or bicyclists hit by vehicles; persons bitten by vicious dogs; motorists involved in a wreck with semi-trucks; and those injured when they slip and fall at a business or elsewhere.        

Automobile Diminished Value

When your vehicle has been damaged in a wreck and repaired, it may no longer be worth as much as it was before the wreck.  This is known as inherent diminished value.  In Georgia, you can seek compensation for diminished value from a negligent driver's automobile insurance company, or even from your own insurer if you have property damage coverage.  Some automobile insurance companies are hostile to diminished value claims and fight them tooth and nail.  The Law Office of Bryan A. Brooks, LLC can help with your diminished value loss.

Contract Litigation | Business Litigation

Attorney Bryan Brooks has represented clients large and small in contract litigation all across Georgia, including cases between banks and borrowers involving millions of dollars; disputes between small business owners and vendors; and lease fights between shopping center owners and tenants.           


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Areas of Practice

Automobile wrecks | Semi-Truck wrecks

A wreck happens in an instant, but it can affect your life for weeks, months, or even years.  For people more susceptible to injury due to prior injuries or spinal conditions, even a small fender bender can cause serious harm.  The other driver's insurance company has a self-interest in paying you the least amount of compensation possible, no matter how severe your injuries or how big your medical bills.  Also, evidence in semi-truck wrecks like video of the crash can be lost if an attorney is not quickly retained.  That's why it is important to seek appropriate medical care and then consult an attorney as soon as possible after a wreck.  The Law Office of Bryan A. Brooks can help maximize your wreck compensation.  

Slip-and-fall injuries | PREMISes LIABILITY

Businesses have a duty to keep their property free of hazards that pose an unreasonable risk of harm to patrons.  When a store, restaurant, or even an apartment complex fail to meet this standard and you are injured, you have what insurance companies and attorneys refer to as a "premises liability claim."  Attorney Bryan A. Brooks can help with your slip-and-fall or premises liability claim. 

Worker's compensation

When you are hurt on the job you may be entitled to worker's compensation benefits that are paid by your employer's worker's compensation insurer.  Because you are dealing with an insurance company that would almost certainly prefer to pay you less than the actual benefits you are entitled to, it is important that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible after you are injured so that your rights are protected.  The insurance company knows the process.  You should, too.

contract disputes | Creditor-debtor disputes

Unlike cases that arise from an auto wreck or other negligent events, contract disputes that end up in litigation have a much greater chance of being decided by a judge well before the case goes to trial.  In other words, the judge decides the outcome based on papers filed by the attorneys, and you never get to tell your story to a jury.  Attorney Bryan A. Brooks represents individuals and businesses in contract litigation and creditor-debtor litigation.     

diminished value

Through the use of a calculation known as the "17c" formula, automobile insurers frequently try to pay claimants a fraction of the compensation they are due for the diminished value their vehicle has suffered as a result of a wreck.  This matters, especially for high-end vehicles, because when you trade in your repaired ride, a dealer will know the vehicle's wreck history and may try to give you less money for it.  Attorney Bryan Brooks has handled more than 100 diminished value claims for businesses and individuals and is well versed in how insurance companies try to avoid paying adequate diminished value.   


Post-judgment collection

When you get a judgment at the end of a lawsuit, you simply get a piece of paper signed by a judge that says you are entitled to money from the defendant.  Now you have to try to turn that piece of paper into cash.  Attorney Bryan A. Brooks has worked on more than 100 post-judgment collection cases, including complex ones where wealthy judgment debtors attempted to hide their assets by transferring them to family members.       



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